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Timber Care


Fire-Away uses Monterey Cypress Pine for their timber furniture because its natural characteristics are perfectly suited to the harsh Australian climate and the texture and grain of the timber adds sophistication to our products. Monterey Cypress is an excellent exterior and interior timber and is not susceptible to warping or decay when left outdoors. It is recommended to leave the timber to wear naturally in the outdoor environment. The end result is a silver or grey colour and most stains that occur will fade naturally over time from exposure as the timber starts to weather. Because timber is a natural product, variations in the surfaces are expected and small cracks and splits will occur over time. This will not however affect the structural integrity of your furniture. The benches are sanded using 100 grit sand paper to remove any superficial imperfections that may cause splinters. We recommend sanding your furniture every 12–18 months to prevent splinters. If you wish to stain/paint your furniture after purchase this can be done safely using a number of timber stains and paints, depending on its desired use. For exterior use, we recommend an exterior furniture paint or furniture oil. Please read the product directions carefully for the best results. Please contact us if you have any questions about these timber products.