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There are so many questions when deciding on buying a Fire Pit, should I get cast iron, or mild steel, can I BBQ on it, can i see a Fire Pit before purchasing it, can I collect.

Below are some of the most common questions asked, if we have not fully answered your question or your question does not appear below, please feel free to contact us here, or call us on 1300 550 916.

Q: Does Fire Pits Direct have a showroom?

  • Nope we don’t. Well, not a physical warehouse, a digital one! We are a proudly Australian online store

Q: What size fire pit should I choose?

  • One of our most common questions, as we have fire pits ranging from 60cm right up to a stunning 1.5 meters in width!
  • First, decide where outdoors you’re going to place your fire pit.
  • Find the diameter of the fire pit you are considering from our range in the product description.
  • Measure and cut out a piece of cardboard matching the diameter of the fire pit you’re considering i.e. 100 cm. (If you don’t have cardboard, rope or string can work).
  • Now, place the cut out where you imagine your fire pit going. Ensure there is at least 1.5 metres radius from the edge of the fire pit to the seating area. Obviously the larger the fire, the further away people will need to sit to avoid over-heating. We’re talking about a standard mid-sized fire in any of our fire pits - not a large bonfire.
  • Double check that the area around the fire pit is clear of any flammable materials, trees or overhead structures.


Q: How do I get a shipping estimate?

  • It’s as easy as a click of a mouse!
  • Once you’ve found the fire pit you would like to purchase …
  • Click Add to cart >
  • At the bottom of that page is a shipping calculator estimate. 
  • Select state and add in your post code.
  • The rate will be calculated for everything in the cart.


Q: Can I place my fire pit on patio decking or tiles?

  • Yes it is possible, however we advise that you should place a heat resistant or clay tile and raise it on breeze-blocks between your wooden decking or non-heat resistant tiles and your fire pit.
  • Whilst many of our fire pits come with bases or stands, these too give off residual heat that may damage sensitive materials such as wooden patios or non-heat resistant tiles, however the taller the base the less heat will transfer. 
  • All our fire pits should go on a stable, level and heat resistant surface.
  • You can also place your fire pit in your back yard or outdoor area on a heat resistant surface such as gravel, crushed rock or sand.
  • Placing your fire pit on grass will obviously burn your lawn, so don’t make that mistake!
  • Please consult your insurance company and local building regulations to ensure local laws are adhered to. 


Q: How soon can I get my fire pit?

  • Good service is our mantra! So, we work hard to get your order shipped within 24 hours.
  • Deliveries to major Australian metro-cities then take 24-72 business hours, including greater Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and all the other big smokes!
  • Please note, deliveries happen during business hours and days.


Q: Shipping is expensive, can you better your price?

  • Yes, we pride ourselves on finding the best shipping costs for our customers!
  • For example, having the fire pit delivered to a depot nearest to you could reduce the shipping costs by up to 15%. Please email us at with your request or complete our contact form, or call us on 1300 550 916


Q: How do I keep my BBQ Fire Pit’s grill and cook plates clean and rust-free

  • It’s important to always keep your BBQ Fire Pit’s grill and cook plates well oiled, before and after cooking. This will prevent rust!
  • So, before cooking on your BBQ Fire Pit for the first time - apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the plates when the plates are hot.
  • After use, clean and oil cook plates and grill and wrap in a clean cloth or hang off the ground on hooks in the garage, shed or similar.
  • Avoid storing cook plates and grill in damp or wet conditions.
  • After being stored for a while, small spots of surface rust can appear. This is normal and will not damage your cook plates. Before using them, simply run some steel wool over these spots to remove them. Then cook as normal, and enjoy your BBQ!


Q: Why do I need to assist with off-loading on arrival, is there an alternative?

  • Most of our fire pits are large heavy items and most couriers require a tail lift for anything over 25kg in weight.
  • We do not want to pass the hefty tail lift cost on to our customers, and so most customers are happy to assist the courier with off-loading the fire pit when it arrives.
  • If you are unable to assist, we can definitely provide an alternative, however this will incur an additional delivery fee. For example, the tail lift fee is $50.
  • Whichever way you choose, our fire pit prices are very competitive, so both types of delivery fees are worth it and affordable.
  • For more info on shipping please visit our shipping & returns page.


Q: How do I care for my fire pit?    

  • All our cast iron fire pits are low maintenance – yeah!
  • Made from cast-iron and varying from 4mm up to 1cm in thickness, our fire pits are incredibly durable and made to last!
  • The cast-iron rusted fire pits have no seam-welds or joints in their design, thus making them solid in structure and adverse to creating potential weak spots due to rust. There is no required care or maintenance needed. Even rainwater will not damage these robust fire pits, and so, can be left outdoors to the elements.
  • On the other hand, our mild-steel products offer unique and creative shapes and designs due to the malleability of the material. Although, with this range we do not advise to leave outdoors year round in the elements. Rather, if only going to be used occasionally, it’s best to be stored in a dry, undercover shed, garage or similar, or to cover it with the provided cover.

Q. How do I care for my Teppanyaki cooking plates?

  • Before you use your Teppanyaki Fire Pits steel cooking plates for the first time, wash the cook plates and components with dishwashing detergent and warm water. This will remove any residue from the manufacturing process.
  • To keep your entire BBQ and all components of the BBQ in good condition and free from rust, ALWAYS keep well oiled, AFTER USE & WHEN NOT IN USE.
  • Before cooking for the first time, when the plates are hot, apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the plates.
  • When you are finished cooking, use a scraper to scrape off any burnt-on food residue. You can either leave the remaining oily residue on the plates or wash completely and then reoil. This will help protect them from rusting.
  • Before cooking each time, a scraper can be used to clean off the plates from any dust. Then when the plates are hot, apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the plates.
  • Store cook plates wrapped in a clean rag or hang on a wall with a thin layer of oil on them. Avoid storing them in damp or wet conditions. Ideally store your cook plates in a dry place off the ground.
  • If you have a The Teppanyaki Fire Pith non removable plates then it is advised to coat oil regularly.
  • After being stored, it can occur that some small spots of surface rust appear on your cook plates. This is not unusual and has not damaged your cook plates. Before using your cook plates again, the surface rust spots can be easily removed with steel wool.
  • If your cook plates suffer from more serious rust, try using Emery paper for metal – texture grade not lower than 220.

Q. How to maintain heat resistant fire pits?

  • All heat resistant painted fire pits will need maintenance. The heat resistant coating will flake off after a period of use. How long is dependant on use, how large the fires, how long they burn for, and how often you have fires. Location also plays a role, if you are close to the ocean the salt air will speed up any rust process. 
  • The guide is to paint a coat of heat resistant paint every season or touch up when needed.
  • Clean the fire pit, hose down and scrub any residue away. Make sure the surface is completely dry and then coat with heat resistant paint. Heat resistant paint can be purchased from any hardware, a popular product is called Stove Bright Paint but new products come to market all the time so speak to your local hardware paint specialist. 
  • While you are at the hardware, pick up a can of Penetrol, either in a spray can or brush on option, this is an oil-based sealant that stops rust. It can be used on rusted fire pits to slow the rust down or on heat resistant fire pits to keep the rust away. Please note that this product is flammable and will burn off when you light the fire. Never use this product when you have a fire burning. Please read all safety precautions before using the product. 

Q: What is a "Tail Lift"?

  • A tail lift option is a specialised delivery service where we book a delivery vehicle that has a hydraulic jack on the truck so the courier can off-load the freight on their own without any assistance needed. We advise to select this option if you cannot afford to wait for delivery, or unable to assist with unloading. 

Q: How to extinguish a wood fire in my fire pit. 

  • Use a steel lid or sand to extinguish a fire in your fire pit. Do not use water as the sudden drop in temperature can cause the bowl to crack.